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Why NorthBay?

Application and Data Modernization – NorthBay Solutions

At NorthBay we approach modernization through the lens of defining business outcomes first, and then evaluate the opportunities for re-architecting, rewriting or re-purposing legacy custom applications and data workloads to a native AWS Cloud platform, with the goal to improve and/or create new business value.

Innovation, productivity and improving a customer’s experience in many organizations is hindered by a dependency on monolithic applications, data and technologies that are not adaptable, limiting the options for using modern technology frameworks, and constraining competitiveness and innovation.

The question is not if an organization should modernize their legacy applications and datasets, but rather how to identify and prioritize target applications and datasets based on desired outcomes and timelines..

Why Organizations choose Northbay for Modernization

Application and Data Modernization is not something that is done when there is no other choice or after it has caused extensive damage to the businesses reputation and morale of the organization. It is a dynamic, continuous planned process of growth and development which organically occurs as part of the business strategy.

Northbay recognises the need for this growth and facilitates its partners in this process through continuous innovation.

Value of application and data modernization

  • Modernization of applications and data:

    It’s as much about re-imaging the application’s architecture and functionality as it is how you can secure your data and drive better insights.

  • Taking data to the next level: With the myriad of service options AWS offers, organizations have the opportunity to leverage internal and external datasets, use structured and unstructured, and deploy advanced analytics. Reimagining the data along with the applications on AWS requires a well-informed strategy and understanding of the priorities.
  • Adding Machine Learning and AI functionality: In addition, if ML and AI are in your future, adding that functionality requires knowledge of building those skills and statistical datasets.
  • Securing data secures business: AWS provides the automated security functions and data privacy features any modern business needs, and NorthBay provides the experience and expertise to help achieve your goals.

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Results we delivered

According to an IDC study 2020, moving workload to AWS can improve key performance measurements such as:

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